The Cantu Group

The Cantu Group is a women-owned spirits brokerage that was founded deep in the heart of Texas. Established in 2020, we began forming partnerships with outstanding Mexican distilleries that we felt the U.S. needed to experience. We have since built a network of distributors in states across the country to help promote, market, and sell our spirits.
Being inclusive is a big part of what we do—connecting our distilleries with our distributors and retailers. We’ve built foundational relationships with other women-owned businesses, retired veterans, and minority-owned businesses to help further our reach.
It starts with our partners—like the Mendoza family of Tepatitlan de Morelos. Committed to the land, the agaves, the people, and the tequila-making traditions of Jalisco, they are now bringing their craft and passion to the U.S.
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